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Saturday, June 21, 2014

June 21, 2014 -- Day 6, Sutton Courtenay to Eynsham, 15 miles

Today’s quiz: Walker A leaves Abingdon at 10:00 am, following the river and walking at 2 mph, heading for Oxford, 8 miles away. Walker B leaves Abingdon at 11:00 am by riverboat traveling at 4 mph. The riverboat is 60 feet long, and Walker B spends the entire time on board pacing the length of the boat at 3 mph looking for the best photo ops. Question: Am I Walker A or Walker B?

This contest is open to all participants over the age of 18 years, except those whose names are either Larry or Daryl, who are still debating the answer to the 2011 Humber/Singer puzzle.

Hint: The correct answer is revealed in the following images:


 A delightful Saturday afternoon induced all the beautiful people of Oxford to do whatever it is that beautiful people do on a delightful Saturday afternoon. Some were content with drinking while sunning themselves on the riverbank. Some were content with drinking while sunning themselves on pub terraces overlooking the river. A few were sunning themselves in racing sculls, their hands too full of oars to hold a drink. Then there were about a dozen or so who, for reasons known only to themselves, spent their afternoon plodding along on a 7-mile footpath between Oxford and Eynsham, trying to figure out why their chosen activity was better than sunning themselves on a pub terrace.

Among the latter group were Doug and Linda, from London, who deserve congratulations for completing their final leg of the Thames path, Newbridge to Oxford, and at this very minute are probably sunning themselves on a pub terrace in Oxford while I’m writing this posting.

For some reason not now apparent to me, I’m not yet sunning mysel on a pub terrace, but that’s about to be fixed right nooowwwwwwww……



 2014 Ken Klug


  1. I'm glad you stopped for a drink. Flowing the river can get you to the source of where the beer comes from. enjoy. thanks for posting. It's fun to follow your adventures.
    jeff f

  2. Think you should have considered not walking at all today. Then you would have had the whole day to exercise your glass holding hand. Best, Terry

  3. Beautiful pics, love all the greenery with flowers, what a way to spend the day, have fun!