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Friday, June 27, 2014

June 27, 2014 -- Day 12, Burton to Bradford-on-Avon, 16 miles

Yesterday’s rest day did wonders for me. That, plus the fact that I’m getting trail fit, had me starting off with more energy than I’ve had in days. My pack felt so light that I kept worrying that I had left something behind. I hadn’t.

Forest, Little Ed and Glen
(with riders Poppy, Jenny and Jill)
I left the hotel with a strong stride, standing fully erect, not like the old man who was walking last week. I don’t know if my new vigor was attractive to women, but it was to horses. Within a few minutes I encountered three horses with riders. Try as they might, the riders couldn’t get their horses to ignore me.
Sassy (with rider Sharon)
Then, not five minutes later, I encountered another horse, with the same result. I didn’t see any dogs today, but riders of England, be warned: my animal magnetism will attract your horse. Your womenfolk are safe, but keep your eye on your horses. It’s remarkable what a rest day will do!!


Castle Combe
Rain started to fall as I entered Castle Combe, and continued on and off all day. The rain didn’t bother me because this was the nicest walk so far, switching from bridleways, to meadows, to pastures, to woods, along rivers and brooks.  The route was a couple of miles longer than I had estimated, but the extra mileage wasn’t any big deal. The big deal was that there were very few directional signs, so I was constantly checking my map and GPS. As a result, the walk took 10 hours, but every step was through beautiful countryside.


Carl and Caroline
The fragrance of wild garlic permeated the woods in one area. As the fragrance kept getting stronger and stronger, I met Carl and Caroline coming from the other direction. We had a nice chat, but I was careful not to take my eyes off them. They may not have been vampires, but they were fleeing the garlic, and I stood ready to cross my hiking sticks just in case. You can’t be too careful these days.


Carl and Sharon
Later, along By Brook, I met Carl and Sharon. I think he was a different Carl than I met earlier, but you know how vampires can change their appearance. I took a pictures of both couples. As you know, vampires don’t have a reflection in a mirror. Nor can you take their picture. So if Carls appear in the images of Caroline and Sharon, they aren’t vampires. But if Caroline and Sharon appear alone in the images, I’m cancelling this walk and heading home immediately.

For those of you following along on maps, todays walk started in Burton, passed through Castle Combe, Slaughterford, Box and South Wraxall, and finished in Bradford-on-Avon.

Today’s quiz, mostly for Larry and Daryl, but open to all: identify this car.

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  1. You certainly do sound refreshed today. One map down. The next one will last me until Amberley.


  2. it's a Nissan Figaro. A somewhat modern "retro" car, maybe early 1990s.

    1. You are RIGHT. I don't think it was very popular, so how did you know?

    2. I saw one myself in London during a stage in my life when when I was restoring a Bugeye (Frogeye) Sprite. It seemed cute so I traced its lineage from some clue or other. I don't think it's actually stated on the car, is it?

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