Walk completed August 16, 2014

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

July 16, 2014 -- Day 31, Rye to Iden, 8 miles

Rye lies on the edge of marshland, and several rivers converge at or near the town. The River Brede (part of which I followed yesterday) empties into the marsh at Winchelsea, about three miles south of Rye. The River Tillingham flows to Rye from the west, and goes right past my hotel on its way to the River Rother. The River Rother drains a watershed northwest of Rye, flows in to Rye from the north, and empties into the sea southeast of Rye. In addition, a series of drainages and canals crisscross the marshland to make it farmable. All of the rivers are tidal in Rye.

River Tillingham at low tide

River Tillingham at high tide

The guidebook describes a pleasant walk north of Rye through woods and pastures, and across farm fields to the little village of Iden, and then a return to Rye via the River Rother. The walk as described covers 7 miles. Connecting to and returning from the trailhead added another mile, making a pleasant 8-mile walk, with a light pack for my rest day.

Parts of the trail were very much overgrown, and the scarcity of waymarkers made for interesting navigation. Still, with no time pressure, the walk was a leisurely stroll through the countryside, even allowing for a snack at the 17th century pub in Iden. I may have even gotten a little too much sun – something I’ve never said before about England.

Top to bottom: Drainage canal through pasture land; River Tillingham; Rye in upper left, River Tillingham in middle distance; Church in Iden.

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  1. Another beautiful stroll through the English countryside, so peaceful too. Since when does 8 miles become a rest day?!? I guess it's the same as a 24 miles bike ride on a rest day.
    Definitely makes a difference when you have to carry a full pack too, anyway, have fun!

  2. What a nice day! It would have tempted me to take a few days more and watch the swans on the river - from a pub or pubs of course. About five miles east of you, there is (or was) an airfield at a village called Lydd, where cargo airplanes would fly your car and passengers across the channel for $10 a trip (in 1963). The plane could carry just three cars, one being my Mini that was 10 ft long. I imagine Dr. George and Lady Ann would remember.

  3. Here's a picture of one the airplanes
    Name the cars?! (Not me.)

    1. I think the image has been photoshopped, because something shaped like that can't possibly fly. I hope you didn't entrust your car to it -- perhaps a rental?

  4. Too much sun and a stroll with a light pack along the waterways sounds like a perfect day. Sure am glad I bought that last map.