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Monday, July 21, 2014

July 21, 2014 -- Day 36, Deal to Sandwich, 7 miles

As I did yesterday, I took a bus from Dover to Deal – this time to walk north. The fog and drizzle from yesterday were gone, replaced by a moderate breeze from the north. The breeze was enough to delay the inevitable hot, muggy days forecast for the remainder of the week.

The nicer weather prompted me to stroll around Deal more than I did yesterday. While the town center was old and quaint, there was nothing to distinguish it from so many other English towns. The waterfront, however, has been refurbished with nicely restored buildings (all still very old), and flowers everywhere. It beckoned for me to spend more time there, but alas, I had to keep moving on.

Deal town pier

Deal Waterfront

Several miles north of Deal, I approached Sandwich Bay Estate. Assuming another tiny village, I thought about stopping at a pub for a snack. I was wrong: no village and no pub. Instead, it was a collection of very large homes, probably dating from the 19th century, and probably built for industrial barons of the day. Today they are apparently occupied by new wealth – perhaps dot.com money. I think the owners are young, because one home had an elaborate child’s swing set and wading pool.

Single family residence

Yesterday I thought I had walked to Washington. Today I thought I was back home when I passed through the Royal St. George Golf Course. But I realized I was still in England when ugly fascist/communist political issues surfaced on the golf course. Apparently, even wealthy golfers take sides, but I was a little surprised that the fascists would smudge the opposition’s sign with bird droppings. These golfers are society’s upper crust, you know. Even the sand traps are serious.


Sandwich bills itself as the most complete medieval town in England. The street plan has changed little since the time of Domesday in 1086, and some buildings date back to the 13th century. Still, it is immaculately maintained, so much so that it seems touristy. It reminds me a lot of Carmel by the Sea, California, except this is the real thing. I’ll spend tomorrow walking about town, but here’s a little teaser: the beer garden of the hotel I’m staying in.



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  1. Wow, that is a huge mansion! Those flowers are something else, no one does flowers like the Britts! Made my day, thanks Ken.
    You might just be stuck with the humidity for a while, keep cool!