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Friday, July 4, 2014

July 4, 2014 -- Day 19, Winchester

Today was a rest day, spent touring Winchester. The rest came from not carrying a heavy pack, but with two walking tours combined with general strolling around, I walked a total of 8 miles – probably not much less than I have scheduled for tomorrow.

Guild Hall, Wnchester 

Rather than pay £15 (about $21) for yet another full English breakfast, I took an early bus into town and had a continental breakfast for only £6 ($10).

I then strolled around the city until the morning tour started. Today was market day in Winchester, so booths were set up on High Street to sell all sorts of food and merchandise.

This is also the weekend of the Winchester hat fair – historically about hats, but now simply a festival with all sorts of street artists performing in every plaza in town. As was explained to me by one of the tour guides, many city charters that were granted centuries ago require at least on festival per year, or the charter can be revoked. That would explain why there seems to be a festival somewhere virtually every weekend.

Guide Keith at River Itchen
Today was also American Independence Day. I saw a few Americans sporting patriotic shirts, but was really attracted to Mark, who decorated his scooter with American patriotic symbols. Oddly enough, Mark is English.

All in all, my rest day was fairly busy. I’m looking forward to walking again tomorrow so I can relax.

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  1. You had me with the bread....I would have tried at least one of each! That's one interesting tri cycle. Sounds like 8 miles has become a relaxing stroll for you, that is great. Happy 4th to you Sir Lost-a-Lot!