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Monday, July 7, 2014

July 7. 2014 -- Day 22, Clanfield to Cocking, 13 miles

The South Downs Way continued its roller coaster wannabe today, but even as it did, the views kept improving. Initially the views were present on hilltops, but eventually the Way reached the escarpment at Harting Down, providing wonderful panoramic views downslope.



As I neared the halfway point of today’s walk, I spied a bench overlooking the town of South Harting, and decided it would make a wonderful lunch spot. Just downhill from the bench was a film crew (are they still film crews in the digital age?) shooting a scene for what appeared to be a movie. The director issued some commands and the scene was shot. When he said “Cut!” I naturally made inquiry. It seems they were shooting the final scenes for a documentary about the experiences of a local South Harting couple who motored 7,000 miles around India. The documentary is entitled “Grand Trunk Road” and the principals are Rupert and Jan Grey. Click here to see the trailer for their film: Grand Trunk Road


South Harting

Oliver (Director); Jan and Rupert Grey

While I would have liked to engage them in lengthy dialogue (as I’ve been known to do from time to time), it was obvious that they were on a shooting schedule, and they needed to shoot their scenes as the sun moved out of the clouds. They were kind enough to take time from their schedule for a picture.

Approaching Beacon Hill, I met Andy and his Lab, Jamba. Andy lives locally, and is walking to get himself in shape to tackle the South Downs Way. Don’t worry, Andy; the roller coasters will get you into shape in no time.

Andy and Jamba

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  1. Can always count on you to run into the most interesting people, thanks for sharing the trailer for the Grand Trunk Road. One of these days I will go to India, the country fascinates me, besides it has some of the nicest people living there.
    You are making tracks, you will be meeting Dr George and Lady Ann before you know it!