Walk completed August 16, 2014

Sunday, July 6, 2014

July 6, 2014 -- Day 21, Warnford to Clanfield (Horndean), 13 miles

A cool, partly cloudy Sunday proved to be perfect for walking through the English countryside. East of Winchester the South Downs are characterized by rolling hills, and the South Downs Way crests on several high hills providing wonderfully panoramic view. Fields of bright green grass filled with cattle or sheep alternate with freshly mowed fields of yellowish brown. The fields are bordered by dark green hedgerows or trees, providing the patchwork quilt appearance I’ve come to recognize.

When the Way dips from a hill’s crest, it enters woodlands for a short time, often emerging at the base of another hill. On a hot day, the undulating terrain might be unwelcome, but with today’s cloud cover the walk was more scenic than difficult.


Initially, I saw only cyclists as I walked along a country lane from my hotel before joining the Way. Upon reaching the Way, I met several walkers, but no horses or ponies. Lesley and David are from Kent, and live only a short distance from where I’ll be early next month.

Lesley and David

Where the footpath crossed a minor country lane, I met three marshals directing traffic and runners for the Meon Valley Plod, a 21-mile cross country foot race being held today. Shortly thereafter, I met the objects of their attention, as perhaps 60 runners passed by during the next half-hour or so. As each runner approached, I stepped off the trail, and the runners invariable gasped a “Thank you” as they passed, except for the really tired ones who wanted “Chairs.”

Steve, Erica and Mike

Runners on footpath

From the highest ridge I could see the Isle of Wight to the south, making me realize how close I am to the coastline. I’ll probably be seeing the coast often the next week  until I reach it at Eastbourne.

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  1. Another beautiful walk in the park, well almost, the scenery is so beautiful it might as well be a park setting. Love the flowers!
    Good night Lost-a Lot, can hardly call you that anymore, you have not even come close to getting lost!

  2. Well Ken, horses and now cows are attracted to you! Next pigs I assume. And then what, skunks? Terry