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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

July 29, 2014 -- Day 44, Wateringbury to Tonbridge, 10 miles

The tranquil River Medway that I followed today to Tonbridge bore no relation to the river last Christmas. On Christmas Eve, 2013, the river overflowed its banks and flooded vast areas along its route. Homes and businesses were seriously damaged, and some are still unoccupied. Boats were swept from their moorings at several marinas, and holiday caravans (vacation trailers) were swept from their sites. A lot of restoration work has been completed, but there is still a lot to do.

Today, the river was as smooth as glass, with boaters enjoying the sunny day. I also enjoyed the sunny day as well as the scenery on a pleasant trail following the river.  Outside of Yalding, I saw an oast house with a non-conical roof. I don't think that style is very common.


Medieval Bridge at Yalding
(at least 500 years old)
(note flood water stains from 2013)

I met only one other walker, Dene, who is from Rochester, at the mouth of the Medway. He is visiting now from China, where he teaches English.


I also encountered a group of sea scouts, from Deal, who were camping nearby and enjoying the river. I had a nice chat with the scout leader, but forgot to take his picture. I did take a picture of a kayaker who was enjoying herself, but forgot to get her name. Fortunately, she sent me an email, so I've added her name to the picture's caption. 


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  1. looks so peaceful out there, especially on the river. They definitely have more water than in the Virgin river ( down to a trickle!)
    Enjoy walking in the nice weather.