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Saturday, July 19, 2014

July 18, 2014 -- Day 33, Dover to Folkestone, 7 1/2 miles

As expected, today was hot and humid. Nonetheless, I couldn’t let a dry, sunny day deter me from walking, so I doubled up on water, and decided to walk between Dover and Folkestone. From Dover Harbour, a steep ascent took me to the top of the chalk cliffs above Dover. (The more famous White Cliffs that appear in all the photographs are on the other side of Dover, and I may walk them tomorrow or Sunday. I wanted to keep today’s hike to a manageable distance, given the weather.) Like yesterday, the views across the Channel were obscured by the humid haze, and even the much shorter views back to Dover were affected. 

I didn’t see any other walkers all day. Perhaps three dozen people were enjoying the beach far below the cliffs. Far greater numbers were enjoying sidewalk cafes, and when I arrived in Folkestone I joined them for a well-earned beer.

Pictures, top to bottom: Dover Harbour, as seen from chalk cliff;  Dover, viewed from footpath (note two high "peaks" along cliff; air vent for railroad tunnel passing under footpath;  cliffs and beach as seen from "The Warren" near Folkestone; Folkestone Harbour as seen from footpath; entering Folkestone (enlarge to see skyline on distant horizon).

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  1. Beautiful day and beautiful scenery, as usual! So much green, I can almost feel the humidity.
    Have fun!