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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

July 8, 2014 -- Day 23, Cocking to Amberley, 13 Miles

I haven’t yet learned the derivation of the word “downs,” as used to describe the terrain here. It seems to me that a better term would be “ups,” because there seem to be more of them. Today started out with a long climb out of Cocking to regain the escarpment. With the hill in front and woodland on either side, the only view was back to the ridge I descended yesterday. It was a good view.

11th Century Church in Cocking

View back to yesterday's descent
(through clearing on ridge)

Even that vista disappeared as the footpath entered pleasant woodlands – made more pleasant because they provided a protective canopy against the morning rain. The rain lasted less than an hour, and by the time I left the woodlands, the views opened up again.


I wasn’t the only walker out in the rain today. Heading in my direction were Dexter and Paul. Paul was continuing on gamely after an injury left him unable to carry his pack. Fortunately, Dexter had enough strength for both of them and did the carrying. Paul thought he might recover by tomorrow. But, Dexter, I’m thinking my foot is probably going to hurt tomorrow, so if you’ve got any extra carrying capacity…, well, just a thought.

Dexter and Paul

Walking the other direction were Jim, from Chichester, and Mark, from Southampton. Neither of them was deterred by the rain, either. 


The only others I passed were a ewe and her two lambs. They didn’t complain about the rain, and came uncommonly close to me – possibly hoping for treats.



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  1. Another 13 miles of lovely scenery and friendly lambs, really, what more can you ask for?! Those are the most adorable little lambs ever!

  2. Hi Ken,
    It's nice to read your blog again. I often wondered about the origin of the word down(s) too. I looked it up once and it seemes to be derived from celtic languages, meaning hill(s). Which comes more in line with the ups you suggests.