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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

July 22, 2014 -- Day 37, Sandwich

Perhaps the sentiments I expressed yesterday regarding exclusive golf clubs were not too far off the mark. At breakfast this morning I spoke with a lady whose husband had just gone off to play golf, while she is heading off to London to visit with their daughter. She said that she played golf yesterday, because the golf club allows women to play on Mondays; but women aren’t allowed to play the rest of the week, so her husband will be playing with a friend. Allowing women to play golf on Mondays? Before you know it, they’ll start allowing commoners to play. Like the sign says, beware of golfers from the left.  

Sandwich is a lovely town. I can’t recall taking such delight in walking around an English town as I did today. I believe I walked every street and alleyway at least once in each direction, and some I walked multiple times because they happened to be key connectors. Shopkeepers must have wondered why I kept walking by their shops as if I were lost – and they couldn’t fail to notice me wearing my trademark wide-brimmed hat. Perhaps they are used to lost tourists, but if they think I was lost today, they should see me play golf.

Strand Street

Tollhouse gate
Bridge tolls were collected until 1977

Table of tolls as of 1905

Salutation Manor Secret Garden

Street scene

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  1. That is funny, I saw Sandwich on top and I was thinking you were eating sandwiches all day! Never mind, too many miles on my white elephant!
    Glad to see you enjoyed your walk through the picturesque little town. Forgot how tiny the streets are in the little towns.
    Tried to watch Mike Maier cross the channel but it was over. Watched a group of Aussies instead.
    So surprised to see that you did not introduce Sir Lost-a-Lot to the store keepers?! What's with that....getting shy?!
    Have fun!