Walk completed August 16, 2014

Sunday, August 10, 2014

August 10, 2014 -- Special morning update, Dartford to Greenwich, 4 miles

It was raining in Dartford this morning, with periods of heavy rain. Rather than walk all day in the rain through an urban environment, I took the train from Dartford to Blackheath (near Greenwich, but the trains don’t run to Greenwich on Sundays). When the train arrived in Blackheath, the rain was lashing down. I sat in the station for about 15 minutes until the deluge subsided to sprinkles, and then set out for a 2 mile walk to my hotel.

Although I walked only a total of 4 miles between hotels and train stations in Dartford and Greenwich, I was very wet when I arrived at the hotel about 11:30 am. Fortunately, there was one room available that early, which I took so I could start drying out. Right now I’m about 600 yards from the Thames and about 1½ miles from the Thames Barrier, where I’ll start the final leg of my walk. That will be this afternoon if the skies clear. Otherwise, it will be tomorrow, clear skies or not.



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  1. So did you set out into the showers this afternoon? If not we are just round the corner...

  2. You've been lucky with the weather. Now, that rain drops song is ringing in my ears. Should be lots of pubs to dry off in from now on if needed.


  3. Well, do my eyes play tricks on me or am I really seeing this?!? We have arrived....finally some kind of recognition ....Mauritius road, I am actually crying from laughing so hard! You do find some interesting stuff out there wandering around!