Walk completed August 16, 2014

Monday, August 11, 2014

August 11, 2014 -- Day 57, Thames Path, 15 miles

A sunny morning greeted me as I returned to the O2 to resume walking the Thames Path where I left off yesterday. The tide was out, emphasizing the amount of water that moves in and out of the Thames each day.


After 7 weeks of lovely walks in the countryside, the best I can say about today’s walk is that the morning was sunny. London’s waterfront is in the midst of a construction boom, and the Thames Path was diverted time and time again to accommodate the construction. Sadly, in many places where the Path followed the river, it passes by derelict old warehouses and piers, or through neighborhoods of “social” housing – perhaps historical and necessary, but not picturesque.

Path diversion for construction

Old pier
As in many cities, old buildings have been converted to upscale housing for the wealthy. As I was passing through one such enclave, I met David, who was cycling by. He pointed out a penthouse that was once owned by a rock star, David Bowie. I'm not familiar with David Bowie, but he had a nice house.


Eventually, the path arrives at tourist London near Tower Bridge, with mobs of people. I’ve grown accustomed to herds of sheep and cattle, and wasn’t ready for jostling crowds of people along the footpath. Fortunately, Ben arrived just at that time, and led me through an interesting (if crowded) historic market place. Ben commented that it was not very busy today – on a weekend there would be even more people. Outside the market place we stopped at a cheese store and then a deli, and put together cheese sandwiches to munch on as we continued on our way.

Tower Bridge

The new London Bridge

I had had about enough of crowds by the time we reached Vauxhall Bridge, and decided to end the day, whereupon Ben led me to the nearby Pimlico Underground Station, and reacquainted me with the process of buying a ticket and making train connections, so I could return to my hotel, and write today’s posting.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll find another mystery plant on the footpath. Wouldn't that be exciting?

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  1. Congratulations, old chap. You have come full circle, and I bet it feels good to have finished. If, that is, you have indeed finished. I feel good being the first to congratulate you (?) and especially beating Danielle to the Comments column - a singular feat.

    1. I still should walk back to Staines to complete the loop, but if the route tomorrow is as uninspiring at the route today, I may drop the rest of the Thames Path and return to the countryside. As you well know, for me it's the journey, not the destination.

      I don't think anybody has ever beaten Danielle on a comment before.

    2. On your way to Staines, you surely wouldn't want to miss a visit to Battersea Dogs Home on the south of the Thames near Chelsea Bridge.
      http://www.battersea.org.uk/. It's a British institution, and all dogs from there come with clipped British accents, tails and ears. No self-respecting hiker should go home without a Battersea dog - or two. Better check with Janet first, though.

    3. Daryl, you beat me fair and square! So sad not to have been able to comment on anything because we were biking in Colorado. At least you were there to cheer the old Lost-a-Lot, thank you for that!