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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

August 5, 2014 -- Day 51, Sevenoaks, 13 miles

I never carry much cash, so I have to replenish it at ATMs fairly often. I was running low, so today Fiona, the hostess at Shaw Lodge B&B, drove me into Sevenoaks where the closest bank is located. I wandered back to Shaw Lodge following the Greensand Way through the villages of Sevenoaks Weald and Ide Hill, and then into Scords Wood, where I walked yesterday. Of the total distance, not more than a mile was along roads.

Today's walk started in Knole Park, a large (about 4 square kilometers) deer park adjacent to Sevenoaks. A large palace (or castle) sits in the center of the park and footpaths radiate away from the castle through rolling hills. I saw a few deer, but they were too distant to photograph.


The Greensand Way is a long distance footpath running through Surrey and Kent, and it passes through Knole Park. (I walked part of the Greensand Way a few days ago near Yalding.) As I neared Sevenoaks Weald, I was taken by the irony of the proximity of a festive sign and a fly tip, not 100 yards apart.

Three fly tips

In the same vicinity, there was a lot of farm rubble. But a trailer caught my eye because it had my initials on it -- twice. Maybe I could pull it behind the truck I found  in the weeds last week.
Later, I came upon a relic of a one time residence, but unlike most derelict buildings, aside from the chimney, all traces had been removed.
I met a few dog walkers, and some people at a pub in Sevenoaks Weald where I stopped for lunch, but generally it was a quiet day with lovely scenery and easy walking. I plan to spend the next few days here doing the same thing – strolling through the countryside of Kent, with no particular destination in mind. It doesn’t get any better than this.

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  1. Well, I would love to run around that castle, check out all the rooms and find fun things to get into. Huge!
    Love the Sevenoaks sign ...of outstanding natural beauty, then the fly tips, priceless!
    You know, we could really use that trailer with your initials to drag our bikes, really fit our surroundings!