Walk completed August 16, 2014

Thursday, August 14, 2014

August 14, 2014 -- Day 60, Shepperton to Staines, 8 miles

I returned by train this morning to Shepperton, this time to walk to Staines where my journey began two months ago. As I rejoined the pastoral Thames one last time, I slowed my pace, to savor the final hours of the walk and reflect on my experiences.

Paramount, as always, are the people I was fortunate to meet along the way. That good fortune continued today, when I met John and Wendy, from Vancouver, B.C., who’ve been walking the Thames from its source. They’ve also walked the Irish Coast to Coast, although by a more northern route than I took. John is a fan of Ernest Shackleton, giving us something else in common.

John and Wendy

About an hour later I met Harry, from Ross on Wye, who was on his way to complete his 5th annual walk of the Thames Path from the source. Harry also walked the Thames to its source 50 years ago before there was a path.


Finally, as I crossed Staines Bridge, I knew the loop had been closed and the walk was finished.
Staines Bridge

Thames from Staines Bridge
But I still had one more task to complete. Two months ago I had affixed a zip-tie to an old fence about 100 yards from the bridge, and promised myself to return and cut it off. As soon as I cut it, King Arthur appeared, along with members of his court.

“THREE CHAIRS FOR SIR LOST-A-LOT!” exclaimed the King.

“No, really, your Highness,” I protested. “I’m feeling fine. I don’t need any chairs.”

“Hip, hip, hooray,” shouted the court. “Hip, hip …”

“My hips are fine,” I interrupted. “My feet and knees are a little tired, though.”

“Three more chairs for Sir Lost-a-lot!” exclaimed the King

“NO, REALLY, I DON’T NEED ANY MORE CHAIRS!! I don't need any more chairs! I don't need any more chairs. I don't need any mo....."

© 2014 Ken Klug


  1. Wow, surprise, surprise, you did it again Sir Lost-a-Lot! What a great trip it's been for us all reading all about your exploits. You saved the best pics for last....thanks again for the gorgeous frames you so eloquently shared with us. Sounds like you had a great journey, can't wait to hear all about it in person!
    Have a safe trip home, see you in a few!

  2. Thanks for a wonderful walk. My feet and knees held up fine.


  3. Well done again Ann and I enjoyed the blog and the images, we were sorry we did not join you to share a little of your adventure. Again you remind us of the parts of our own country we have not yet seen. Have a safe trip back home and enjoy your trip to the north west. See you in SR.

  4. Congratulations on another epic achievement - the walk itself - besides which you entertained us with pictures and stories of a hundred encounters with bulls and hikers and dogs and hikers and construction crews and hikers. I thoroughly enjoyed it all from the safety of my home without risking my knees! A big thank you.