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Friday, August 1, 2014

August 1, 2014 -- Day 47, Edenbridge (Eridge Station and Groombridge), 12 Miles

Today’s walk turned out to be interesting in ways that I had not expected. I took the train from Edenbridge to Eridge Station, approximately 10 miles southeast of Edenbridge. Eridge Station is a railroad junction that once had regular service on a spur track to Royal Tunbridge Wells. The regular service was stopped in 1984.

All over England railroad enthusiasts are restoring old lines, and there is presently a steam train that runs during the summer from Eridge Station to Royal Tunbridge Wells. This weekend (i.e., today, tomorrow and Sunday) the line is celebrating a Diesel Gala, and the steam train is replaced by restored Diesel engines. One was waiting on the spur track when I arrived at Eridge Station.
Not having any information on schedules, I opted to continue my walking plans. After a mile of road walking to reach the trailhead, I began to second-guess my choice. But once on the trail, I had the lovely view I have come to expect, plus several meadows full of summer flowers.


The trail eventually paralleled the train track, providing good views of the restored engines. Nearing Groombridge, a footbridge passed over a switching yard, with good views of the trains from above. There, I met Colin, whose father was a porter on the old railway line, so Colin grew up with the trains. He had come to the bridge to watch and reminisce. He explained the history of the trains to me and described the activity going on beneath us.



Restored Diesel engine

Another railroad enthusiast, Barrie Swann, was also taking pictures from the footbridge. He was kind enough to email me the following photo from 52 years ago.

Image from 1962
Photo courtesy of Barrie Swann
Switching Engine
Image from 2014, taken from same
footbridge as 1962 image.

Eventually, the trains continued on, and so did I. At Groombridge, I passed a Victorian mail box – they are not very common any more.


Outside of town, the walk resumed through the countryside. All in all, a lovely day, with a few surprises thrown in.

Footpath through harvested wheat field

Footpath through unharvested wheat field

Nursery flowers

Ripening apples

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  1. Don't know how you can get any walking done with so many photo ops! Seriously, it is so beautiful all around, thanks for taking the time to share all the beauty of the surroundings,
    Have a great week end.