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Sunday, August 3, 2014

August 3, 2014 -- Day 49, Edenbridge to Sundridge, 10 miles

The most direct route from Edenbridge to Sundridge (about 2½ miles west of Sevenoaks) is by road, but you know how I dislike road walking. So to avoid the roads, I cobbled together a route consisting of footpaths shown on my map. I expected some problems and was not disappointed. Several times, footpaths that were on the map were buried under wheat fields. One footpath abruptly ended at a pile of farm rubble, with no way to get around. All of the problems were in the morning, while I still had lots of energy the day was still cool, so I didn’t mind retracing my steps and trying alternate routes. I even laughed at myself as so many false starts reminded me of Shackleton’s several attempts to find a route off the Trident Ridge down to the Crean Glacier. His attempts meant the difference between life and death; mine meant the difference between footpath and road. It’s good to be reminded not to take ourselves too seriously.

No footpath on the ground

No footpath through the wheat

The route finding was worth the trouble, because the unfolding scenery was wonderful. You can’t watch scenery when walking on roads and dodging traffic, even if the road isn’t bordered by a hedgerow. On the footpath, you have time to enjoy the scenery, even while looking for holes and roots.


Note lake at distant center.
My footpath passed alongside the lake.

Even footpaths eventually cross roads, and my footpath passed by a pub, about a mile from my destination. Many pubs serve special “Sunday carvery” meals of roast beef, pork, lamb, or chicken with all the “fixin’s,” so I took the opportunity to have my evening meal early, while the sun was shining and I could eat on the patio. There, I met a father and his two sons who were out for a Sunday walk. They had just returned from touring the American southwest – driving from Texas to California.


As I was finishing my meal, a motorcycle gang roared in on their souped-up bikes. I never photographed a motorcycle gang before, and wasn’t going to let this chance slip by.


The footpath continued on through scenic hills as I headed for my B&B.


I wasn't even going to let a bull dampen my spirits, but I assured him I had roast lamb at the pub, just in case.



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  1. That bull was giving you a special look.....another lovely day walking the fields with pretty flowers.
    Interesting group of bikers. Have fun.