Walk completed August 16, 2014

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

August 13, 2014 -- Day 59, Thames Path, Shepperton to Richmond, 17 miles

Today I took the train to Shepperton, walked the Thames towpath back to Richmond, and returned to my hotel by train. Most of the walk was in sunshine. Clouds accumulated in the afternoon, and threatened rain, but never made good on the threat.

Although I pretended to be in the countryside, I was near enough to the city to encounter many dog walkers, joggers, casual cyclists and tourists, but far enough from the city that people actually greeted me, despite the backpack. The first person who I met and who actually engaged in conversation was Adam, rowing a solo scull. He confirmed that sculls are actually as unstable as they appear, and that it takes some experience to maintain balance. Hmmm, why am I feeling another challenge coming on?


The next people I met were walkers, John and Norma, who are walking the Thames Path in sections. Or at least I think those are their names. They had just pointed out to me the last pub on my route before Richmond, and I was so absorbed in the prospect of a bowl of soup that I forgot to write down their names. Writing down names isn’t really necessary, because I have a mind like a steel trap. Nonetheless, the couple in the following picture will help my ego tremendously if they confirm their names are John and Norma. Or maybe it was Russell and Norma.

John and Norma, possibly

On that note, I’ll let some pictures describe the rest of the day.

Bridge at Walton-on-Thames

Swanish Armada


Trailside Garden

Kingston Bridge

Richmond Bridge

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  1. Soothing river scenes. Love the swan armada.


  2. Yeah, more beautiful pics, so many swans! Beautiful flowers too, thanks for all those amazing details, love them all!